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What to wear
How to think
Who to be
What to believe
How to act
How to talk


Breaking the Rules

Wear what you want or nothing at all. We are not defined by our clothes, our jewelry or our hairstyles. Nor are we defined by our skin color.

Think in ways that prove the “box” is a limitataion.

Be yourself. Your Self is the only person you can be. Be who you are meant to be.

Believe the Truth. Truth is not what you read on a cereal box or hear from the news anchor or get from religion though pieces of it may be found in all those places and more. You already know the Truth. Now believe it.

Act in ways that represent you and promote individuality AND unity. You can be yourself in a group of like-minded individuals. Act like your shared experiences make a difference because they do. Act like every decision you make and every action you perform has a consequence because they do.

Talk like you believe. Believe what you talk.

Rules are meant to Live by.

Breaking the Rules is not a call to anarchy, it is a call to Peace.